Averitts Ferry

You are looking at a beautiful 3 Bedroom 1 Bath Brick House on the Cumberland River sitting on a nice 1.73 Acres track. You can enjoy eating or visiting from your deck while overlooking the river or enjoying nature resting in your hammock by the water. This home is located close enough to town you can make it to the store and work in minutes, but far enough out that you have peace of mind. With brand new stainless steel appliances and a redone interior this house is ready for you to move in from day one. We have even take the time to furnish it for you, if you so desire to keep it that way, all you need is your new key and you are ready for your first day in your new home. With spacious rooms and a beautiful natural setting this house is perfect for you. For a single person to a retired couple and everyone in between this home is just about perfect for any buyer. Don’t let someone else get your new home, call us today to set up a time to see it.

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